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In search of best shingle roofing experts in Los Angeles? The best shingle roofing expert team is at New Haus Roofing in Los Angeles, California with 25 years of combined experience and qualified specialists are highly trained to install shingle roofing systems giving of all types of shingle roofing services by using highest quality materials.

Los Angeles is a city whose inhabitants determine it; it is a setting for lofty goals, creative expression, and limitless possibilities. Unlike other countries, The Los Angeles, the state of California has different COOL roof regulations according on the locations to withstand the climatic patterns. “The California Energy Commission” modifies Part 6 of Title 24 every three years, the last round of update was in year of 2022. Although building roofing rules change frequently, one should always check with local authority to determine changed roofing standards. In addition to providing free, expert estimates for roofing projects that are 100 % perfect statistically accurate, New Haus Roofing upholds all legal roofing construction norms and requirements of Los Angeles.


Unique Benefits Of Shingle Roofing

  • Durability

    Shingle roofs last up to 20 years, making them a reliable and cost-effective choice.

  • Versatility

    Compatible with all types of roofs, shingle roofs require no special accessories.

  • Aesthetics

    To pick the ideal shingle roof for your home, consider a variety of colors, styles, and materials.

  • Simplicity

    Easy and fast to install and repair, shingle roofs can be done in a few days.

Types Of Shingle

Shingle roofing is most popular in Los Angeles, as this shingle roofing is hard, petroleum-based material covered in tiny stone grains that is made to withstand the dangers of severe weather conditions like hail.

“Asphalt shingles” are the simplest to install when compared to other roofing materials. New asphalt roofing is less expensive than other materials. Since installing asphalt shingles requires less time and work, contractors may charge less for them. Labor costs might range from $30 to $80 per hour on average. Recycling asphalt shingles is another way you can contribute to protecting the environment.

“Metal Shingles” Due to its light weight, metal roofing is suitable for both steep and gently sloping roofs, more resilient than other roofing materials. Moreover, metal roofing installation is slightly more expensive. Contractors need particular tools to work with the material. So, they have to account for the price of this service in their budget. Your choice of materials and style will affect the price of a metal shingle roofing. Yet, the average price per square foot for steel or aluminum shingles is between $7 and $10.

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Shingle Roofing Market

With residents from 140 different countries and 224 distinct languages, Los Angeles is one of the most culturally diverse cities in the world. At times many homeowners attempt to repair their roofs on their own, but this may be a very risky task for those who lack the necessary skills.

Professional New Haus roofers in Los Angeles have the knowledge and tools required to rapidly and safely repair or replace your roof. Utilizing highest quality of materials, working in your timeframe rapidly, with 100% satisfied roofing experience. In Los Angeles, the cost of roofing varies from home to home, according to our calculations, the average price homeowners in Los Angeles County paid for a new roof in 2023 was between $3,473.00 and $13,652.00.

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Common Mistakes

Start your shingle roofing project with New Haus Roofing in Los Angeles. They have a team of professionals who will ensure that it is completed on schedule, to your complete satisfaction, and with the best possible value for your money. Although replacing your home's roof will eventually be necessary, it is expensive. Regretfully, certain typical roofing errors can result in unsatisfactory workmanship. The majority of mistakes involve water damage. Your home should be protected by a roof from all types of weather, but most importantly, it should keep you dry.
According to knowledgeable roofing professionals, these are the common errors to avoid;

  • Incorrect nail usage
  • Incorrect nail length
  • Improper underlayment
  • Incorrect shingle exposure
  • Improper shingle alignment
  • Shingle overhang
  • Unforeseen ice dams
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In search of shingle roofing experts in Los Angeles?

Contact New Haus roofing for the best shingle roofing experts, New Haus Roofing is the best option whether you need a minor fix or a completely new roof.

With 25 years of expertise in the roofing sector with roofing experts in Los Angeles. By providing the finest customer service to date, a free estimate and inspection, utilizing high-quality, long-lasting single materials, affordable and providing financial support by installing in accordance with the manufacturer's recommendations and needs.

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